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"Revolution Girl-Style Now!"

concerned with feminist issues such as rape, abortion rights, bulimia/anorexia, sexism, sexuality, double standards, self-defense, fat oppression, classism, and racism. Riot Grrrl is a network of fan ...

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Character Analysis of Scout Pick a character from To Kill A Mockingbird by Lee Harper that you think you know the best and analysis their character. Use examples from the book.

can pretty much predict what Scout will be like when she's older. She doesn't carry the racism and double standards that the rest of Maycomb carries. Although she is very much like Atticus and has a ...

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Corporate Social Responsibilty and its Importance

re target groups are attacking corporate behavior and there is an increase in exposing of corporate double standards and hypocritical behaviors. The related stories to this category involve the erosio ...

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Radical Feminism: Radical feminists think they're advocating for women's rights.

t against any form of negative speech about women. The primary complaint is the existence of sexist double-standards (i.e. pimp vs. whore), followed by the "denunciation" of women who speak their mind ... man cheats, he deserves castration, but when a woman cheats, she's liberating herself. Talk about a double-standard!Speaking of double-standards, the one I always hear complaints about is the man-pimp ...

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Lacking sexual desire in women: a dysfunction worth treating?

that warrants treatment.The female libido is an elusive and misunderstood creature. Years ago cruel double standards saw women with high sexual desire labelled as fiendish nymphomaniacs but nowadays t ... rch has been conducted for example these grounds of belief are not as solid as a placebo controlled double blind study. Often several factors interact to create a situation of low sexual desire (Int. ...

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Othello's Failing is that he is too trusting.

military more trustable than the one person who he loves the most. Othello's hamatia is that he has double standards in that he trusts his minions more than his own wife.Iago is the man that Othello i ...

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Analysis of Lyrics: "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera

Double Standards: Don't Look at MeDon't look at me is the first line of Christina Aguilera's song "B ... tina Aguilera is a dominant musical icon in our society. "Beautiful" relies heavily upon the use of double standards, not only within the lyrics but also regarding the marketing and image of Aguilera. ... es that the beautiful world is temporary and that there is another side. This is another one of the double standards of the song because it is saying everyday is so beautiful, however it goes against ...

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