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establishment, target marketing has been used effectively and efficiently as a marketing strategy (Dunlap 2004). The contribution made by target marketing to strategic marketing is undoubted. However ... t marketing: the role of product harm and consumer vulnerability. Journal of Marketing. 61 (3), 1-20Dunlap, C. (2004) Drive Profitable Behaviour Target marketing 27 (9), 46-49Foxman, E. Kilcoyne, P. ( ...

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The Big Fallacy: Al Dunlap's ineffective effectiveness approach at Sunbeam.

analyses the organizational effectiveness of Sunbeam during the 2-years management period of CEO Al Dunlap. It looks different strategic constituencies and their satisfaction with the downsizing measu ... erent strategic constituencies and their satisfaction with the downsizing measures introduced by Al Dunlap. The paper will show, that Sunbeam's top management failed to satisfy internal and external d ...

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Workplace Case Study

gging stock prices, the Board of Directors hired a professional restructuring agent named Albert J. Dunlap. Dunlap was known for his ability of restoring profitability and turning around companies. Al ... nd finally merged with Kimberly Clark. This case study will examine the ethical tactics used by Mr. Dunlap in restructuring the world's largest producer of tissue products.Symptoms of the ProblemScott ...

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Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan: Scott Paper Company

k at a major corporate downsizing program led by the controversial turnaround manager "Chainsaw" Al Dunlap. By the end of the restructuring in late 1995, when Kimberly-Clark acquired Scott, the market ... ark acquired Scott, the market value of Scott's common stock had increased by more than $3 billion. Dunlap's personal wealth increased over this period by nearly $100 million, reflecting his compensat ...

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A review of ‘Risk perceptions, general environmental beliefs, and willingness to address climate change’

tudes was not entirely new to environmental psychologists at the time as environmental sociologists Dunlap and colleagues (Dunlap & Van Liere, 1978; Dunlap & Scarce, 1991) in their highly infl ... proceed by linking this perspective to the New Ecological Paradigm, a framework developed by Riley Dunlap, an environmental sociologist who proposed that environmental worldviews among the American p ...

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Sunbeam Corporation

nt group called Japonica Partners purchased the remains of Allegheny in hostile takeover.Albert. J. Dunlap was hired by the Sunbeam-Oster as the CEO and chairman of the board in July 1996, who was emb ... July 1996, who was embraced the nickname Chainsaw AI, and later became the corporate star in 1990s. Dunlap lay off thousands of the employees in the name off efficiency by making tens of millions for ...

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