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Mono 2

mono" is a infectious disease caused by the Epstien-Barr virus in a estimated 90 percent of cases ( EBV ) a member of the herpes family. The remaining cases are caused by a certain herpes virus, or cy ... rather then people that live in the same community.People often come in contact with the disease or EBV bacteria at least once in there life. Although symptoms are incredibly mild or they are not pres ...

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se causing virus in infectious mononucleosis, (commonly known as mono), is the Epstein-Barr Virus, (EBV).The primary barrier for EBV is that the virus is usually only transmitted by infected saliva, s ... itted by infected saliva, so air borne or blood infection is rare. Most people have been exposed to EBV from an early age and most people are immune by the age of 35 years old. The most common age to ...

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