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Ancient and Modern Philosophy.

t much room for the mind to breathe. The life of the ancients can be best summed up in a quote from Edith Hamilton's "The Greek Way."In Egypt, in Crete, in Mesopotamia, wherever we can read bits of th ...

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Men must fight and women must weep.

cared so much for a stranger that she wanted to yield to a mad passion and go against her father." (Edith Hamilton, Mythology) She cries, showing a weak, typically womanly emotion, as "...women must w ...

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

by one of the greatest Latin poets, Ovid (43 BC-AD 18) "The Story of Echo and Narcissus" retold by Edith Hamilton serves to demonstrate the destructive nature of Narcissism.Long ago there lived a ...

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Through cultural diffusion, Greek Mythology became part of the Roman Pantheon; Greek thought affects us in almost all areas of life, and its end is Humanism.

rent. Instead of making their gods great, transcendent, and mysterious, the Greeks, in the words of Edith Hamilton, an honorable citizen of Athens, "...made their gods in their own image." This is the ... Xenophile Historian. October 2003.< >Edith Hamilton. Mythology Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. New York: Warner Books Inc. 1999Jackson ...

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Size and Strength in MythologyMythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes,by Edith Hamilton is a great book. She is known forher great love and understanding of classic litera ... elf on fire.The book Mythology captured my attention withall of its excitement and adventure. Edith Hamiltonbrought all the characters to life in every story I read.Her style of writing ma ...

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The Creation of Human Imagination

, pride can sometimes hold them back from receiving help or listening to the others In Mythology by Edith Hamilton, Hercules is the strongest and possesses the finest qualities all Greeks desire. Not ...

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