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This is an essay about Oliver cromwell. The topic was:Should Cromwell be condemned for his actions at Drogheda?

ath of these 3,000 people would save many other lives he said the killing "will tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future" he was probably right because many other towns surrendered after w ...

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"A Family Man" by V.S. Pritchett: How the writer makes the story interesting and entertaining.

ay. He’s been here since half past two.” The writer’s description of Mrs Cork’s effusion of frustration and anger also leads us to keep on reading just to know what will happen. Th ...

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A Time To Remember

ng of April 29, 1992, live on almost all news stations, Los Angeles exploded in a violent and fatal effusion of burning and shooting. There were massive of people rambling around. They were throwing r ...

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Ear Infections

l. Infections of the middle ear are defined by acute otitis media, a middle ear infection with both effusion, or fluid, and presence of signs or symptoms of an acute infection, or by otitis media with ... ns or symptoms of an acute infection, or by otitis media with effusion, a middle ear infection with effusion and without signs or symptoms of an acute infection. Signs and symptoms of acute otitis med ...

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