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y liquefied at 5170 Tarr or 6.8 atmospheres, at 20 C (68 F), and has a very disagreeable odor. It's Element Symbol is Cl, atomic number is 17, and atomic mass is 35.453. Chlorine's melting point is -1 ... d by Swedish scientist Karl Wilhelm in 1784, but he first thought it was a compound, rather than an element. In 1810, Sir Humphrey Davy named it Chlorine, from the Greek word meaning 'greenish-yellow' ...

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Platinum , metallic chemical element; symbol Pt; at. no. 78; at. wt. 195.08; m.p. 1,772°C; b.p. 3,827±100°C; sp. g ...

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Element Properties Lab - Chemistry 11

Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to classify elements according to their properties.Materials: MagnetVarious ElementsVolt MeterPen or PencilPaper ... sVolt MeterPen or PencilPaperSafety GogglesPrediction: I predict that I will be able to find out if elements conduct electricity or are magnetic.Procedure:1. Draw a data table using the following head ... ing the following headings: Element, Symbol, Properties.2. Put on safety goggles.3. Take one of the elements4. Record the name and symbol of the element in your chart.5. Using the volt meter, test the ...

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