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Purpose of punishment.

IntroductionWithin the English legal system there are four main theories of punishment; retribution, deterrence, incapacita ...

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The English Legal System is based on the age-old system of precedent, which can be strict and inflexible.

English Legal SystemThe English Legal System has slowly been evolving over time and can be traced ba ... uickly to all who may need them. The court structure allows for control and organisation within the English legal system. Without the court, hierarchy there would be a decline in certainty and control ... to reach the same conclusion without too much reconsideration. Precedent brings consistency to the English legal system, in that two cases with similar material facts will be treated in the same mann ...

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Law Essay: The Judiciary of the English Legal system

LAW ESSAY: The Judiciary OF THE ENGLISH LEGAL SYSTEMEXPLAIN HOW THE JUDGES ARE APPOINTED AND HOW BOTH THE SELECTION AND TRAINING OF ... al.Under the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 the qualifications for varies judicial posts in the English legal system are contained. Furthermore, to become a judge at any level in the English legal ... of all circuit judges were from ethnic minorities; this further raised the question of whether the English legal system has taken like to having judges from ethnic minorities. However, despite this, ...

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