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Differences Between New England and Central Colonies

Thesis: While New England and the Chesapeake area were settled by people of English origin, by 1700 both had developed two distinct societies because of differences in their ge ... igion, and communal and family structure.Many years after the establishment of the first successful English colonies, differences began to appear in the religious, social, and economic characteristics ... n of two distinct societies. The people who settled New England and the Chesapeake area were mostly English Christians who were in some manner either discontent with their homeland or in search of a b ...

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Richard Frethorne Describes Indentured Servitude in Virginia

In some European countries including England some of the poor and many laborers were brought to the English colonies by way of ships to work on the farms within these colonies. Because of such an imme ... author's narrative, Virginia of 1623 was a different place from England. It was the first permanent English settlement in the new world (Jamestown). This land of marsh like consistency and vast forest ...

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