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Testing antibotics on bacteria

dantin, nalidixic acid, triple sulfa, and kanamycin. On Bacillus subtilis I will test streptomycin, erythromycin, novobiocin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, and penicillin. As a side observation, I wo ... . The antibiotic on each disc should be identified by the following abbreviations:S=Streptomycin, E=Erythromycin, N=Novobiocin, T=Tetracycline, C=Chloramphenicol, P=Penicillin, F=Furadantin, Na=Nalidi ...

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Future of Drugdiscovery

tents, we should further strengthen our current Intellectual Property Code. Cases such as that with erythromycin should not be repeated. Erythromycin was discovered in the soils of Ilo-ilo however the ... cognition that they deserve.REFERENCESInter Press Service News Agency (1994). Who Really Discovered Erythromycin: An Inter Press Service Feature. Available: ...

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