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Finely v. the National Endowment for the Arts: One Battle in America's War over the Arts

case of landmark precedence in the manner in which it was decided highly convoluted and politically expedient pronouncement. The Supreme Court used complicated legal maneuverings to support the Endowm ...

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Fiction and film essay

are produced by a novel. It must allow for its meaning and portrayal to be of the same critical and expedient standard of the novel. This leads me to my thesis: A good filmic adaptation must depict th ...

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Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

best government is the government that governs the least because government rarely proves useful or expedient. While Thoreau realized that the American government is necessary, the only time in which ...

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The impact of War Communism and the New Economic Policy (NEP) on both the peasantry and proletariat in Russian society between 1918 and 1928.

ch as Maurice Dobb, E. H. Carr, and Stephen Cohen -- have interpreted war communism as a short-term expedient imposed on the Bolsheviks by the emergency demands of civil war and foreign intervention. ...

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According to William James's Pragmatism what do the truth and justification of a belief consist?

'The true,' to put it very briefly, is only the expedient in the way of our thinking, just as 'the right' is only the expedient in the way of our be ... 'the right' is only the expedient in the way of our behaving. Expedient in almost any fashion; and expedient in the long run and on the whole of course; for what meets expediently all the experience ...

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An essay contrasting the advantages of Flight or Invisibility when given the chance to choose one of two super powers.. PERSUASIVE ESSAY

Expedient Stealth"Crash" you've just broken into the natural art museum and you are holding a rare A ... y, the clerk would shoot you dead before you even have the opportunity to fly away. Invisibility is expediently the superior super power.Invisibility is absolutely the greater super power. Because of ...

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Should the Hong Kong SAR seize control of its country code top level domain ('ccTLD') to establish a "sovereign domain" in the manner described by Greg Hagen?

sists of a series of numbers. A domain name is more 'memorable' then an IP address and so is a more expedient means of allocating web pages. At present control over the creation and allocation of doma ...

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The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

rgy, Sacrosanctam Concilium SC 73)."This sacrament of the living, when in the providence of God and expedient for the welfare of the soul, sometimes restores health through the aid given to natural or ...

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A Carason. This paper of the charachters Cordelis and Edgar in the novel King Lear

resting, Shakespeare uses literary techniques that keep the reader attentive and 'on the edge'. One expedient that Shakespeare uses to keep his readers' attention is using characters that sharply cont ...

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Doing Freedom

In our world, evil is more complicated--one could only wish that it could be banished by the simple expedient of tossing an evil ring into a volcano!--but the metaphor of the rings still fits modern t ...

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To what extent was the Liberal Empire an original aim of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon III) rather than an expedient?

In order to assess how far Napoleon III's liberalising of the Second Empire was an original aim or expedient, one has to establish a number of things, first an 'expedient' in this sense means that Na ... it be? Napoleon III had always claimed that the dictatorship he set up was no more that a temporary expedient. He spoke of crowning the political edifice with Liberty, but only after a strong stable g ...

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Project Management: Proposal of the Service Request

fully stocked parts warehouse to save customers' valuable time.ATL's keys to success will include:- Expedient and convenient auto repair services.- Growing and maintaining a loyal customer base.- An e ...

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Rule of Law and Tyranny in Modern Democracy

virtuous regime, but much can be said for its efficiency. But saying that tyranny is а useful expedient with regard to founding а city is far different from claiming tyranny as the best re ...

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