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Review of "Double Indemnity"

e characters involved in the plot. Somewhat customary to the film noir genre is the presence of the femme fatale, who by nature is out to exploit anyone in her way to accomplish her objective. "Double ...

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"The Apparition": by Gustave Moreau

legend. Moreau style was focused on classical mythology and literature. The importance of mythical femme fatale, sphinxes, sirens, and other dangerous creature on his visionary style categorized Gust ...

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"Describe the concept of the Femme Fatale, using two found texts to support your argument."

ey became increasingly sexually defined, more forthright and dominant, and spawned the image of the femme fatale. It originates from the French "fatal woman" meaning one who utilises the malign power ... of her sexuality to ensnare men.Painted in 1530, Lucas Cranach's Salome epitomizes the figure of a femme fatale. Salome was once called upon to dance for King Herod who was very much entranced by her ...

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"Casablanca": An historical Movie

ons of the three main characters: Victor Laszlo, a heroic political leader; Ilsa Lund, an enigmatic femme fatale; and Richard (Rick) Blaine, a seemingly morally ambiguous1 night club owner. An unusual ...

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When Theatre and Violence clash: a comparing essay on 80's and 90's drama

usic, video games and theatre. Oscar Wilde's "Salome" shocked British theatre with its display of a femme fatale and the violent beheading scene. Sarah Kane's "Blasted" features sexual assault, homose ...

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Nicholson, is a private detective in Los Angeles. Sharing the spotlight is Fay Dunaway playing the femme fatale Evelyn Mulwray. Chinatown has formal elements indicative that it is going to be in the ...

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“Lady Of Shalott” And “Mariana And The Moated Grange”

representation of women there is an interesting parallel to the genre of the maternal wife and the femme fatale. In "Mariana", the dejected heroine waits for a cut-off from the world, bo ...

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"Blade Runner": In depth look at the "love" scene with Rachael and Deckard.

“better” replications.When we first meet Rachael, she comes across as a hard, bold, “femme fatale” character. Deckard is mostly unturned, even with her beautiful architecture. But ...

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Issues of Character: Noir and Neo-noir          Noir and neo-noir

etectives or private eyes, who encountered violent crimes and corruption. A beautiful but dangerous femme fatale offers love and sexuality, but manipulates the detective and brings deception and death ... ferent lights. Be it the dark, wet streets of The Big Sleep with its keen, cool private eye and its femme-fatales. Or it could be the cynical wit of Pulp Fiction with its circular chronology and very ...

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Gun Crazy analysis - a dominant femme fatale, an erotic love and obsession with guns.

film noir based on a fast-paced story, which is propelled along with numerous stick-ups, a dominant femme fatale, an erotic love and obsession with guns, and the deadly sexual attraction between two m ...

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Femme Fatale In Literature Over Time

How is the Femme Fatale character represented in William Makepeace Thackery's Vanity Fair, and Scott Ziehl's Cr ... r, there are some texts that challenge this standard way of thinking. These texts usually feature a Femme Fatale - a woman who leads a man to his doom by exploiting his weaknesses. Vanity Fair, writte ... morally is not important. She is incredibly vain, wicked and seductive. Becky's representation of a Femme Fatale is emphasised by the extreme contrast between her and Amelia, her closest friend. Ameli ...

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