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The (US) Federal Communications Commission

is of interest to all. The application of a broadcast license involves many steps and it varies for FM and AM radio stations. The Mass Media Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission is responsi ... station's continuing ability to serve the public good.The allocation of frequencies varies between FM (Frequency Modulation) and AM (Amplitude Modulation) stations. AM stations are distributed on a ' ...

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Comparing and Contrasting AM and FM radio.

radio waves. These are transmitted in two ways: amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM). These two kinds of waves have many differences.Amplitude modulation is the oldest method of tra ... n a radio wave is to slightly change the frequency. Frequency modulation is, of course, used on the FM band. And it is used for action band and ham transmission in the frequency range.Frequency modula ...

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Federal Communications Commission.

ect the public interest in matters of communication.In the field of radio, the FCC regulates AM and FM broadcasting and other kinds of radio services. The FCC issues construction permits and licenses ...

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Communications History

by Reginald Fessenden and Lee de Forest so that more than one station can send signals in 1906.The FM broadcast radio is set at a much higher frequency than the AM radio. The FM radio uses frequency ... phone cause the transmitter frequency to fluctuate more while the transmitter power stays constant. FM receivers have the capture effect, which causes the radio to receive the strongest signal only wh ...

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Future Of Radio Broadcasting

age and service area issues. Subjects addressed include digital radio allotment planning for AM and FM existing stations, priority to available spectrum, regulation of digital radio transmission facil ... polled listen to the radio.Next, I asked the question of whether they listened to AM radio more or FM radio more. 41 of the people at UNF responded that they listened to FM radio more. 36 of the 49 p ...

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Radio Advertising

e world of radio broadcasting in India. Prominent and established companies entered the business of FM Broadcasting.FM broadcasting has breathed a new life into the medium of Radio in the past few mon ... edia of the future. But thanks to technology radio is making a comeback. In fact, in its new avatar-fm-radio is all set too become the hippest, coolest and most with -it medium.FM radio is a new entit ...

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ayer. The frequency band from 88 MHz to 108 MHz is reserved over the public airwaves for commercial FM broadcasting. The 88-108 MHz frequency band is divided into 200 kHz sub-bands.The multi ...

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