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Robert Schumann

ry have influenced those who came after them. Ludwig Van Beethoven had influenced composers such as Schubert, Berlioz, Liszt, and Schumann. Many of these men used Beethoven's way of composing as their ... Journal of Music.) Robert was the first man to recognize the music of Chopin and Brahms as well as Schubert's instrumental music. Schumann's music is out of the Romantic period and expresses t ...

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Mendelssohn, biography

re to A Midsummer Night's dream. He also studied in Paris and Berlin.Mendelssohn revived Bach's and Schubert's music after their death. After becoming a conductor, he set new standards in orchestral p ...

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The Viennese School

e to train in Vienna in the classical time period. One of the great composer that came to Vienna is Franz Schubert he soon started a style of music called Viennese School that made many changes to the ... loyed in the string quartet. This type of sonata was fully realized in the Sonata and in B Minor of Franz Liszt. It influenced the development of all areas of orchestral and chamber music.Chamber musi ...

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Classical Composers

Classical ComposersFranz Joseph HaydnHaydn, born March 31, 1732, was one of three boys born to Mathias Haydn and Anna M ...

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