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The Relationship Between Blake's Songs of Innocence and Their Paintings

nings and relationships that the paintings have with the poems that they accompany.In the song "The garden of Love", Blake uses the image of love to represent the "joys and desires" that occur natural ... d desires" that occur naturally within him and within all people. In the first stanza:I went to the Garden of Love,And saw what I had never seen:A Chapel was built in the midst,Where I used to play on ...

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"The Garden of love" by William Blake.

"The garden of love" by William Blake is a complex and emotional sonnet beneficiating from a simple but n ... h means the underlying force of religion bound to come to the surface in such place.''I went to the garden of love and saw what i had never seen'' this very sentence aledges the assumptions that the s ... was not indigenous to such environment. Although no statement is made to clarify the nature of the garden the reader can suppose without already knowing what role religion will play in this poem that ...

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Blake's "The Garden of Love"

At first glance, the poem, "The Garden of Love" may appear simplistic and even depressing Blake writes most often in regular rhythm, ... tombstones are sad things for children. (line 10).The speaker of the poem tells of his visit to the Garden of Love and of the chapel that is now where he used to play as a child. Instead of welcoming ... door. At first glance you might think that "experience" or the loss of innocence has destroyed the garden as well, transforming the 'sweet flowers' to graves and tombstones. These tombstones and the ...

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A Critical Essay On William Blake

epresent the mythological characters found in Blake's prophetic works. For example, in the poem The Garden of Love the narrator sees the garden where he used to play now transformed into a chapel. He ...

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what is poetry

at information does it give you? What expectations does it create? (For example, a poem called "The Garden of Love" should cause a different response from the one called "The Poison Tree.") Does the t ...

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