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--Consumerism in Contemporary Society-- Question: consumerism thoroughly shapes our every aspect of life in contemporary society. How correct is this claim?

bolic meaning, consumer practices can be decoded and read by institutions and large organizations. Georg Simmel (1900) argued that money is not just a means of buying things, but also a particular wa ... Cola and MacDonalds which have branches in most parts of even the communist world. The sociologist George Ritzer in the 1980's argued that globalisation of consumerism has lead to the globalisation a ...

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Labour & Globalization: The Dysfunctional Marriage

f this is prostitution. The oldest and most frowned upon profession in the world, as referred to by George Simmel in his commentaries, as well as its exemplification in Stephen Frears' Dirty Pretty Th ... alist-driven effect of globalization. This unique marriage of commerce and science is, according to George Soros, proof that "markets are by nature indiscriminate and inclined to reduce everything - i ...

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It is sometimes claimed that friends have now become more important than families or kin. Discuss some of the differences between family and friends.

and the role it plays in the life of the individual and society.Family and Friends 2FriendshipGoerg Simmel (in G. Little, 1993, p.31) saw friendship as pure sociability. Simmell "pictured society as a ... comings and going of human beings, the interchanges that simultaneously link and separate people". Simmel further describes friends as artists, claiming "friends must commit themselves to communicati ...

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