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Georges Seurat: The Neo-Impressionist

Freddy Carp12 Grade Bartlett High SchoolAnchorage,AKGrade: ANovember 7, 1995Georges Seurat: The Neo-ImpressionistGeorges Seurat was born in Paris on December 2, 1859. As a yout ... 's technique and began to do small paintings of peasants, stone breakers, and other people at work. Georges Seurat rebelled against the empirical realism and spontaneous nature of Impressionism with t ... eparate colors so they did not physically mix. After more than two hundred drawings in preparation, George Seurat used his final completed form of the pointillist style to create Sunday Afternoon on t ...

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Futurism - the art movement.

night, casting a bright light on the pavement below. The individual light particles are depicted in George Seurat's divisionist style and paint application.He has a bold interplay of spherical and fra ...

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A brief look at Georges Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on the Grang Jatte" and "Young Woman Powdering Herself."

Much like the tiny dots of color that make up one of Georges Seurat's stunning successes, there are too, the influences of a variety of past masters insp ...

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Art History

hnique that brought a new kind of realism to painting and sculpture. It wasn't until French painter George Seurat began his exploration of pointillism, also known as divisonism in the late 19th centur ... y that Impressionism was brought to it's new level of Neo Impressionism. During his lifetime Georges-Peirre Seurat experimented with many techniques. First studying at the "Ecole des beaux-arts ...

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