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African Art

cately carved showing many details. A modern artist of today may use the same technique. The artist Giacometti uses what appears to be the same style of carving used by the Bahmana people. The figure ...

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Giacometti: Depicting Reality and Existence

Man Pointing" is a life size bronze sculpture by Italian artist Alberto Giacometti (from the arguably Surrealist, or Expressionist periods). The sculpture reveals Giacomett ... tist developed a unique, stylized handling of surface, and form as a vehicle for expression.Alberto Giacometti was born October 1901 into an artistic family in a Swiss town near the Italian border. He ... ciated with the Cubists. Later he became instrumental in the development of Surrealism. Around 1935 Giacometti moved away from Surrealist imagery and began creating elongated and emaciated figure scul ...

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