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Experiment on amount of fat in the common hotdog. Includes a graph and chart, procedures, materials, and conclusion.

rams of finely chopped hotdog meat2. 250 mL beaker3. 17 mL of 1.5M NaOH4. 5 mL of Distilled Water5. Graduated Cylinder6. 400 mL beaker7. Bunsen Burner8. Ring Stand9. Tongs10. Iron ring11. Disposable P ... ng it from the mass of the 250 mL beaker found in step 2).4.Next, measure 17 mL of 1.5M NaOH in the graduated cylinder and add it to the beaker of hotdog meat.5.Then, measure 5 mL of distilled water i ...

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nce-Molding clay-Submersible test tube racks-Pins-Masking tape-wax pencil10 ml. pipette w/pump50ml. graduated cylinderDropping pipetteIceStirring rodsThermometerBattery jars (2)1. Prepare a 20% glucos ...

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This is a first year chemistry lab. It is a titration to discover which acid reducer (Tums or Hy-Vee brand) neutralized the most acid(portrayed by vinegar).

mixed with methyl orange will affect the resultsOne Hy-Vee brand acid reducer(uncolored/unflavored)Graduated CylinderVinegarStirring RodProcedure: First, I crushed up one tablet of Hy-Vee brand acid ... d neutralizer and one tablet of Tums brand acid neutralizer, using two mortars and pestels. Using a graduated cylinder, I filled two beakers with 50 mL of distilled water and labeled one "Tums" and on ...

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Itsa sceince lab

sured everything from weight , volume, and the length of different objects.Materials:Balance, 100ml graduated cylinder, medicine dropper, plastic box, beaker, metric ruler.Procedure:The graduated cyli ... inder was weighed. The weight was recorded under observations.100ml of water was weighed inside the graduated cylinder.The graduated cylinder and water was weighed. The weight was recorded.The length ...

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Title: Separation by Filtration and Crystallisation. The first year 11 Chem prac write up... the structure is at least correct... :p

and filter funnel.- Bunsen, Tripod and gauze mat.- Watch glass.- Glass rod.- 100mL Beaker (2)- 25mL graduated cylinder.- Filter paper- Boiling Chips- Matches- NaCl/C mixture (sodium chloride/Charcoal ...

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Variable Production of Carbon Dioxide and Ethanol by the Yeast Saccharomyces in Fermentation due to Temperature Changes

d to an assigned stable temperature in water jackets, and with the help of two ring stands, the two graduated cylinders were filled with water and submerge in water bowls. After the set up was complet ... topped with stoppers and hoses. Afterwards the hoses from each flask were put into their respective graduated cylinder to measure how much carbon dioxide was produced by seeing how much water was push ...

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Lab Report: Determining Percent Yield in a Chemical Reaction

rials:Balance100-mL beaker250-mL beakerBunsen burnerCopper sulfate crystalsGlass stirring rod100-mL graduated cylinderIron filingsRing stand and ringWire gauzeProcedure:1. Record mass of clean 100-mL ...

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Introduction to measurement

nts get acquainted with mass and volume measurement. Five 150-ml beakers, a volumetric pipette, the graduated cylinder were tested in a different measures design to determine variation in mass and in ... depends on ratio of compounds differs.EquipmentIn this experiment five 150-ml beakers, three 100-ml graduated cylinder, 10-ml volumetric pipet, 320 ml of acetone, and 360 ml of water are required.Expe ...

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Observing an Unknown Object Lab report

Materials List:1. metric ruler 5. graduated cylinder2. Triple Beam Balance 6. beaker3. unknown object 7. water4. stopwatch or clock 8. ...

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procedure 1. Get egg and weight it. Find volume of egg using water displacement method in ml.2. Use graduated cylinder to measure 400ml. of vinegar. Place egg in beaker and pour vinegar next.3.Cover b ...

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LAb Report: Striking It Rich

again.3. Continue to repeat step 2 until you weighed all 25 pennies on the scale.4. Fill the 50 mL graduated cylinder to 20 mL of water. Use the meniscus to measure the water level.5. With the 25 pen ... the new water level.7. Repeat Step 6 8. Repeat Step 6 until all 25 the pennies are dropped into the graduated cylinder and all the volumes are recorded.9. Dry the pennies and store them or give them t ...

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Density Lab

took each object and measured its volume by using water displacement. To do this you have to take a graduated cylinder and put any amount of water in it until you feel necessary to stop putting water ...

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Blast Off Lab

) · Water · Stop Watch or Timer · Graduated Cylinder Procedure: Step 1. Put on apron and Safety goggles. Step 2. Get Alka-Seltz ... ts and plastic film container from teacher. Step 3. Measure x ml of distilled water with the graduated cylinder and pour it into the film container. Step 4. Drop x grams of Alka-Seltzer ...

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with a double-holed rubber stopper. The purple colored water in the flask sunk to the bottom of the graduated cylinder.Analysis 1 The purple dyed water came out of one of the glass droppers in ...

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to sit for a while to bring it to room temperature. While the water equalized, we obtained a 100ml-graduated cylinder and filled it with tap water (also at room temperature), and created with a lid o ... was important when creating this lid that no air bubbles formed under the lid. Then we inverted the graduated cylinder in the beaker full of water and carefully removed the lid. We folded up our magne ...

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Phtosynthesis And Respiration

flasks, water, Bromothymol Blue (Ph indicator), rubber bands, drinking straw, plastic wrap, 100 ml graduated cylinder Respiration Disposable gloves, safety goggles, lab apron, 250 ml flask, 100 ml gr ...

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Photosynthesis And Respiration

flasks, water, Bromothymol Blue (Ph indicator), rubber bands, drinking straw, plastic wrap, 100 ml graduated cylinder Respiration Disposable gloves, safety goggles, lab apron, 250 ml flask, 100 ml gr ...

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Behavior of Brine Shrimp in Habitat Selection Introduction: This experiment

remes.Abstract: Materials and Methods: Materials: -Adult Brine shrimp -4 Plastic Hose Clamps -50 ml graduated cylinder -1 meter of tygon tubing -1 Syringe -2 hose plugs -Paper towel -7 sheets of mesh ... the hose clamps. We then scooped up approximately 50ml of brine shrimp from the holding tank into a graduated cylinder. We then proceeded to suck up all of the water from the cylinder with a syringe a ...

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Lab Write Up For Separation by Filtration and Crystallization

eFilter funnel standFilter funnelBunsen, tripod and gauze matWatch glassGlass rodBeakers (two 100mL)Graduated cylinder (25 mL)Filter paper (Whatman No. 1—three 12.5 cm sheets)Sodium chloride/char ...

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Investigation of the Change of pH Affecting Enzyme Activity

aken from the same batch.Total volume of reaction mixtureAll liquids were poured from the same 10ml graduated cylinder.Materials:Notebook or scratch paperPen or pencil3 clear vials2 20ml hospital plas ... lastic cup100% Catalase solution, 10mlHydrogen peroxide solution, 20mlMasking tapeSharpie1 forceps1 Graduated cylinder, 10ml1 filter paper1 hole punch1 stopwatch1 Metric ruler, 15 metric unitsPaper to ...

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