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Waterland: Swift's Recursive Novel- A Mosaic of Histories and Patterns

seen and analyzed. This idea of history repeating itself is essential in the novel Waterland, where Graham Swift shifts back and forth between different time periods to help Tom Crick's students under ...

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A look at the novel 'Waterland' by Graham Swift. Focusing on how the use of history within the novel exemplifies the reflective style of Swift.

same past that allows us to review earlier decisions and prevent similar mistakes in the future. In Graham Swift's Waterland, the main character Tom Crick embraces the science of history to explain th ... rtment being discontinued. The use of history within the novel defines both the reflective style of Graham Swift's writing and the characters that he creates.Oral tradition is the foundation of histor ...

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What is Graham Swift trying to teach the reader about human nature in his short story entitles Chemistry

The short story entitled "Chemistry", written by Graham Swift, is filled with rivalry between family members and the difficulties that come from tryi ... ed to turn against grandfather so as not to lose Ralph'. Although his opinion seems to matter least Graham Swift makes it clear to the reader that the boy does not like Ralph for when he attempts to b ... nts Ralph to distance himself from his mother, he says that his mother called him her 'little man'. Graham here implies that the boy is very mature and that he feels that he has to protect her due to ...

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bio criticism paper

The Life of Graham SwiftMost authors add little bits of themselves or of their experiences into their books beca ... ife. What if, however, the author grew up in a very normal and uneventful life, as is the case with Graham Swift. Swift begins his first nonfiction work, Making an Elephant: Writing from Within, by de ... phant: Writing from Within, by describing the two memories he can remember most vividly as a child (Graham Swift). Swift describes the first one as a memory "'of being taken when I was very small to h ...

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