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To find rules for the number of squares a queen can attack from a point on a chess board and the minimum and maximum squares a queen can attack from a given rectangular chessboard.

to attack,these squares are marked with an x.I will carry out my task systematically, drawing chess grids smallest to largest.*2 by 2*4 by 4*6 by 6*8 by 8*3 by 3*5 by 5*7 by 7*9 by 9I will display how ...

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Understanding and Evaluating the Arts

ng with his dog slaying a lion. For most artists of our time to make drawings like these there were grids that were needed to be used to make sure that it was accurately portrayed, but these artists w ...

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Numerical Modelling of Flow around a Turbine Blade

itivity to off-design conditions.In this experiment simulations are run on three different kinds of grids. The highest grid densities are generally close to the blade surfaces, where the highest gradi ... f changing inlet angle and changing inlet velocity (i.e higher Reynolds number). The details of the grids are given below.First Grid: Relatively coarse grid of approximately 8300 cells, with fine near ...

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