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A story entitled "Yellow" 2,413 words

in between the gridlines of highways and dirt roads. A mosquito, finishing the last few tastes of a groundhog vein, spread its miniscule wings and took off. It zipped upwards until it was flying above ...

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Derived from a shortstory about a GroundHog and his fears - a brief character analysis.

As the groundhog goes through its own metamorphosis, the speaker experiences a transmutation, which affects ... e beauty. However, the rotting presence of the corpse lying there aloofly greatly impacted him. The groundhog is a disturbance within the norms of the speaker's world. His "senses shook" at the site o ... mortal life that would eventually come to an end and that it might be just as insignificant as the groundhog's, whose body was only found upon a random trek in the fields. The fear of insignificance ...

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