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Winning The Battle Against HIV-1

Winning The Battle Against HIV-1: (MPTV-x , HAART-x) / (MPTV-x , Mega-HAART-x) - Couples Formed of a Multivalent-Polivalent-Therapeutic-Vaccine ... -x) - Couples Formed of a Multivalent-Polivalent-Therapeutic-Vaccine (MPTV-x) and Its Corresponding HAART-x , or Mega-HAART- Regimen , Respectively.Iosif SecasanDepartment of Urologic SurgerySpitalul ... theory and practical solution to eradicate HIV-1, based on HIV-1's ability and need to mutate under HAART-x / Mega-HAART-x drugs pressure, and on the sinergetical scissoring effect on HIV-1 of (MPTV - ...

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Treatment of HIV in West Africa.

e of the opportunity offered by our weakened immune system. Highly active anti-retro virus therapy (HAART) can reduce the amount of HIV in someone's body and restore the immune system. The introductio ... ls with anti-retro viral therapy within the next three years. Combination anti-retro viral therapy (HAART) has helped prolong the life of many HIV positive individuals and has delayed the progression ...

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Short Essay on AIDS and HIV

as fevers, chills and sweats.But then is there a cure to this atrocious disease? Yes, it is called HAART: Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy. It consists in giving the ill subject a cocktail of th ... slow it down. There are very serious problems which have aroused over the last few years around the HAART treatment. The gravest one is probably how LEDCs cannot afford to buy treatments. There are ma ...

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Social Service Lobbyist Interview

White Care Act, she is also a lobbyist for funding for prescription medications; otherwise known as HAART for people living with this disease. I asked Mrs. Willis about her position working for the Du ...

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