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Describe the structure and function of blood and the body fluids - an essay about different components that make up blood.

and only 10 the solutes.Erythrocytes (also called red blood cells) are biconcave disks, containing haemoglobin that transports oxygen. They transport the oxygen to cells all over the body. The surfac ... en can diffuse very quickly into the cell. They lack organelles meaning that there is more room for haemoglobin. They are small and have a flexible membrane which allows them to fit through tiny capil ...

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The Benefits of Technology Upon Training

cline in appetite and the resulting loss of muscle mass may hinder performance.Iron is used to make haemoglobin and the demand for making more red blood cells may require iron supplementation -- espec ...

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re is an alteration in the amino acid structure of the polypeptide chains of the globin fraction of haemoglobinn, commonly called the abnormal haemoglobins. E.g. Haemoglobin S, found in sickle-cell an ... mpaired or absent for a variety of reasons. E.g ThalassaemiasSickle cell anaemiaThe gene for sickle haemoglobin, haemoglobin S, results in the substitution of the amino acid valine for glutamc acid no ...

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The adaptation of red blood cells and haemoglobin to ensure efficient respiration

lood vessels is vital for respiration to occur. Oxygen is carried in red blood cells by the pigment haemoglobin, a globular protein consisting of four polypeptide chains. Both of these components of b ... men of less than 8μm in diameter, carrying oxygen as close as possible to the respiring tissues. Haemoglobin within the small red blood cell can exchange oxygen with the external environment quickl ...

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The dangers of non-metals to the environment

Hydrogen sulphide interferes with cellular respiration. If inhaled, Hydrogen Sulphide combines with haemoglobin in the bodies of human beings and other mammals. haemoglobin is the substance in blood w ... mmals. haemoglobin is the substance in blood which carries oxygen to tissues. In combining with the haemoglobin, hydrogen sulphide prevents the transportation of oxygen. Without oxygen, people cannot ...

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New Derivatives Of Antimalarial Drug Artemisinin

he general mechanism accepted for the action of artemisin, the free haem group, obtained during the haemoglobin digestion is proposed to catalyse the formation of oxyl radicals, by oxidation of the Fe ...

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