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Der Vietnamkrieg- chronologischer Ablauf

der zur franz. Kolonie machen- Kriegsbeginn am 23.11.1946( Beschießung der Hafenstadt Haiphong durch franz. Kriegsschiffe)- Angriff der vietnamnesischen Einheiten im Dez. auf fra ...

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Flags Of Our Fathers

t Lemorre, flying A-4's and the target of this day's alpha strike was a bridge a few miles south of Haiphong. Stafford was not assigned to any of the planes flying this strike, instead he was on stand ... erstand. They walked for what seemed to be a mile or more and when they stopped they had arrived in Haiphong, Stafford was then taken to an interrogation room and was seated behind a small table. The ...

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te;diatement tombée amoureuse de lui. Maman a transféré Jean-Baptiste à Haiphong pour me protéger d'être blessée. Jean-Baptiste a confronté &agra ... Noël. En raison de sa mauvaise conduite, au lieu d'être transféré à Haiphong, Jean-Baptiste a été envoyé à une base militaire françai ...

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