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Animal Farm Critical Lens

ths about the animals' lives, the fear the animals feel due to the use of scare tactics by Napoleon and the false hopes Squealer feeds the animals.Old Major exposes the evils of mankind and starts a r ... arts a revolution, proving Orwell's quote. Old Major starts a revolution against the unjust humans, and is unafraid to reveal the "universal deceit" by which the animals have oppressed for their entir ...

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My Fair Lady

ess at an embassy ball or an assistant in a flower shop. After that, the two give Eliza some money, and she takes a cab home.The next day, Eliza shows up at the professor's flat, willing to pay for el ... willing to pay for elocution lessons. Higgins takes up the challenge. Thus, the bet between Higgins and Pickering is on. Eliza is dragged upstairs by housekeeper Mrs. Pearce and the maids to have her ...

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