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Carbon and its allotropes

Carbon: Carbon, with symbol C is a non-metallic chemical element. It is a Halogen with the Atomic Number 6 in group IV, period II. Carbon is not very plentiful, it only makes ...

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Chemistry Halogens Lab

Maggie MitchellIB Chemistry Prd. 5The Halogens LabDate:9/11/13Purpose:The purpose of this experiment was to observe and record the halogen ... ons with the chemicals Ca(NO3)2, AgNO3, and NH4OH and use these observations to identify an unknown halogen.Data:(see next page) Table 1: Reactions of Halogens with Ca(NO3)2, AgNO3, and NH4OHReacti ... defineddoes not dissolve; precipitate becomes defineddoes not dissolveTable 2: Reaction of Halogens with Hexane and Chlorine WaterReactionNaFNaBrKIColor of the Top Layerclea ...

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