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Life-Heralding and Life-Extending Technologies

ity Press, pg. 315-321.Sullivan, W. (1999). What Is Left of Professionalism after Managed Care? The Hastings Center Report: Hastings Center, Vol. 29, Issue 2, pg. 7

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Eliminating Restraints in the Care of Elderly Residents

atment. Once restraints are used on these patients, the safety promised is greatly compromised. The Hastings Center Report has claimed that "Physical restraints include bed sores, infections, reduced ... safety. Works Cited Collopy, B, P Boyle, and B Jennings. "New Directions in Nursing Home Ethics." Hastings Center Report 21.2 (1991): S1-S15. MEDLINE with Full Text. Web. 8 Oct. 2013. "Falls." Worl ...

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