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Critical essay describing the theme and stylistic elements used by Ayn Rand in "The Fountainhead" with bibliography

o act independently and are constantly brought down by society. In The Fountainhead, humanity has a herd mentality, and the individuals must act selfishly in order to be free.Living in St. Petersburg, ...

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Comparative study of Aldous Huxley's novel 'Brave New World' and Ridley Scott's film 'Bladerunner'...including teacher notes for improvement. (the essay was uploaded to include notes)

stifles the individual, endorses the artificial, and whose insincere leaders regulate and support a herd mentality amongst the promiscuous citizens. 'Brave New World' is a social and political warning ...

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Shirley Jackson Accentuates Collective Mentality: The Effects and Results within Society

ters act in unison through their actions, they experience a loss of self-awareness by following the herd and developing into narcissistic people. In "The Lottery" when Mrs. Delacroix, a personal frien ... Mrs. Delacroix is a fine example of demonstrating the loss of self-awareness and a participant of a herd mentality. She conforms to the actions given by the community, and acts in unison with the them ...

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