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A story about a young girl who overcomes her loneliness

gony on the forest floor. What could she do then? What can she do now?She seeks the guidance of the hokage herself. Not just for herself, but for her team. For Sasuke, so she can be of use to him. For ... hinks. She doesn't want to be treated like one. Not by them. Especially not by him. She sits in the hokage's office, pen poised over a thesis on the effects and causes of Black Fever. She can't concen ...

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Forgotten Allegiance

kashi looked up at the sound of a baby crying nearby. The blonde jounin destined to be the Yondaime Hokage called for a stop, pulling his team into a small room that had many years ago been a jail cel ... side him and ordered six more dango. The child scoffed when he recognized the geezer, “Jii-san Hokage?”“You don’t mind if an old man shares a snack with you, do you Gokai-chan? ...

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someone who inspitred me

aruto, who has continued to strive through hardships and miseries to come out on top and become the Hokage, the head and most renowned ninja of the village. Naruto has been, at least currently, the mo ...

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