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Brave New World

doomed to a non-individualistic,conformist society, a society void of the family unit, religion and humanemotions. Throughout the novel, Huxley predicts many events for the future,most of which concen ... rtion.In Brave New World over-population is solved by society's abilityto produce as many or as few humans as are necessary to keep the populationat equilibrium. The solution is test-tube babies or 'b ...

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Letters from the heart. Why the Scarlet Letter is truly romantic.

eativity inspiredthrough his newly found political freedom. This book is a Romantic that deals with humanemotions such as guilt, love, lust, sin and how they were delt with in the puritan society. ... g man and god. They are optomisticas well as true non-conformists. They also believe that the basic human nature is good. Almosteverything is symbolic in the Romantic wold. Romantics rely on their str ...

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David Guterson and his work

David Guterson, a young American author, has written two major works regarding aspects of human nature and human emotions. His first publication, a collection of short stories, entitled The ... ies, entitled The Country Ahead of Us, The Country Behind addresses some of the moral dilemmas that humans face throughout their lives. His first novel, Snow Falling on Cedars, narrates the trial of a ...

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Analysis of John Gardner's Grendel as being an illustration of the shattered innocent/fallen from grace archetype, as well an accurate depiction of human nature

tory, represents the common man. He is not overly intelligent, but nor is he stupid. He illustrates human emotions and thought processes. The Shaper, as well as many of the "human" characters represen ... set and has its course ready. He tells Grendel he is condemned to his position in the lives of the humans and to simply accept it and do his duty.This exchange altered Grendel forever. "Nothing was c ...

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"A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick.

Analysis of Humanism in Clockwork OrangeBy: Removed For Privacy02/02/2003Human emotions, desires, and flaws are ... picting man's more twisted nature, offers a very dark view indeed, of what may lay in the future of humanity.The morally derelict future of his Clockwork Orange is filled with roaming bands of young r ... astes from the violent sex offender. Alex's passion for music, forces the audience to view him as a human, not some sort of child's nightmare in flashy, teenage clothing; this makes the atrocities he ...

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"EVOL" by Sameer Bhavnani.

EVOLLove could be made up of many human emotions, developing more after hitting puberty. A child's love is more innocent that an adult ...

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Dynastic Chinese History Paintings & Ceramics.

realistic detail was the artists form of self cultivation. Landscape became a vehicle for conveying human emotions. Landscapes display the general Chinese desire to avoid direct depiction of the human ...

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"The Reader" by Bernard Schlink about post WW2 Germany.

not clear-cut ideas, and even more so during the Nuremberg Trials. Guilt is simply one of the many human emotions, but the feeling of guilt is unique to everyone and there is no one meaning for guilt ... sponsible. But fortunately and rightly so, justice is never so easy.Guilt and responsibility, being human emotions can never be pinned down, because it is human nature to be fickle and therefore there ...

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"The Stones Cry Out" by Molyda Szymusiak.

When Envy Turns to HatredEnvy is one of the worst human emotions and when turned to hatred can do unimaginable things to other human beings. Molyda Sz ... he world ever saw of what happens when envy turns to hatred. She not only shows what envy can do to humanity but also shows the possibility of survival through ones will to fight back.We all like to l ...

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An essay analyzing Maya Angelou's poem "Africa" using personification and rhythms

m pleasant to unpleasant to contemplative.Africa is personified to create vivid imagery and to give human emotions to a continent. Simultaneously, the entire poem is a metaphor of Africa as a beautifu ...

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Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen

ublic that they had been lied to. He knew from first hand experience the terror, pain, horror and inhumanity of war; this made him feel disgusted and enraged at how different war was to the impression ... d in this moving poem.He enforces his argument using different viewpoints which appeal to different human emotions. He uses horror, panic, empathy and guilt to make the reader believe what he is sayin ...

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Evaluation on "Private Lives" by Noel Coward, refering to the elements of drama.

atre CompanyPrivate lives is a play that is set in France, 1930's which explores the absurdities of human emotions. The story is based around two recently married couples who are on the there honeymoo ...

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General Study on Greek Mythology

The Greek stories of the relationships between the gods, goddesses, and human beings are like a fascinating soap opera. What with secret affairs between Zeus and numerous m ... ut occurrences between gods, goddesses, and mortals. The Greek creation myth portrays the gods with human forms without all the imperfections of mortal bodies. They are given human emotions and feelin ...

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Imagery is one of the most potent instruments which a poet can use to awaken the feelings of a reader. Compare the nature and effects of images in two or three poems you have enjoyed.

ch as reflex movement, which occur due to a reaction to something that is coming to hit the person, human emotions occur due to the personal interpretation of the literature terms used by the poet. Th ... e Last Supper of Christ and the Apostles.The images in 'Preludes' up to this point are given a more human face or at least there is a sense of lives that are suffering. This theme is taken up fully in ...

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Huxley's Happiness

Huxley's HappinessIn the eyes of Aldous Huxley, human happiness is very much different than the findings of Freud, the definition of dictionaries, o ... ion of dictionaries, or even that of the present public's opinion. To Huxley, happiness is like all human emotions; nearly uncontrollable, virtually indefinable, and more complex than anyone in our so ... of the Romantics. Example after example can be found in Brave New World of Aldous Huxley's love for humanity, nature and emotion. It would seem that Huxley believes that the only way to complet ...

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Frankenstein Explains the absence of love in Frankenstein

He did not give the creature the love and acceptance that it needed. Love is one of the most basic human emotions and although the creature was not human he did have a strong need for it, "His jaw op ... d was stretched out, seemingly to detain me..."(935). This was the monster's first encounter with a human (Victor Frankenstein); the first of many times when his appearance frightens the very people t ...

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Natural Symbolism,death And Language

novel A Farewell to Arms (1929) uses nature to structure the novel and provide symbols that replace human emotions. Nature serves as a basic structure for the plot and the actions that occur. It also ... ucture for the plot and the actions that occur. It also emerges as a source of symbols that replace human sentiment or feelings. Characters die and there is no mention of sadness or pain. Instead, Hem ...

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The Human Nature of Medea

owing the guidelines established by Aristotle in his Poetics, has a stirring psychological truth of human nature. This is clear when we examine the monologues given by Medea during the play. Each spee ... ated. However, his tragedy is not only a violation of a moral code, but also an act in violation of human rationality and dignity. While the culture and politics of Ancient Greece have changed over th ...

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The Crucible & Reality

The Crucible represents the truth about human emotions and responses and it makes me realize how much this play relates to everyday life. In ...

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ANalysis of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet". What values have changed to alter the context of the story?

ates the strength of the message conveyed by Shakespeare that appears to tap into the most basic of human emotions and feelings. The evidence provided by the by the adaptations give us insight into bo ... hat emotions Shakespeare was able to lock into his play that are so rudimentary that they relate to humans in every context.Luhrmann retains Shakespeare's script in his version, providing a stark cont ...

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