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Fellowship of the Ring is the first part of the trilogy film. This film anaysis is completely detailed and reviewed.

the most sophisticated being in the fellowship, but he makes up fir it with his earnest steadiness.Ian McKellen ...................................... GandalfHe is the old, powerful, archetypal wizar ... he sword-fighting son of an elf king. He is included in the fellowship to join Frodo in his quest...Ian Holm .................................... Bilbo BagginsHe is Frodo's cousin and an aged hobbit w ...

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Comparison of Laurence Olivier's version of "Richard III" to Sir Ian McKellen's version.

aurence Olivier's version of "Richard III" is much closer to the original Shakespeare play than Sir Ian McKellen's version.Outline:1. Introduction2. Comparing the Movies3. Richard vs. Richard: Differe ... in 1955 with Olivier in the title role. It is set in the late 15th century. In contrast to this Sir Ian McKellen's "Richard III" was released 1995 and is set in the 30's of the 20th century.The functi ...

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Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

treme violence and nightmarish creatures STARRING: Elijah Wood ("Deep Impact" and "Flipper"), Ian McKellen ("X-Men" and "Last Action Hero"), Viggo Mortensen ("GI Jane"), Orlando Bloom ("Black Ha ...

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Clanth Brooks

of the movement were part of another literary movement called the 'Fugitives' or the Southern Agrarians, including John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brook ... to the phoenix is fully serious. It changes the tone of the poem from ironic banter to that of a defiant and controlled tenderness. This revivifies the metaphor and makes clear the sense in which the ...

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