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Once They Were Giants

In 1952, Hebron Illinois was nearly 100 years old located in the Midwest. The school's total enrollment was 98. The ... 2 taverns. This town was totally unaffected by city life. This town looked more like Wisconsin than Illinois. This was the year of "claim to fame" from one basketball team colors green and white calle ... nts. During the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's Hebron was a basketball town.Basketball came to Northern Illinois in the 1980's. The sport really began in 1927 with coach Lowery B. Crane, as the basketball ...

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Three Strikes You're Out

it schools and do not acquire benefits of any sort. An article written by Bob Cook mentions that in Illinois, "state funding of the schools is determined by actual attendance. So the homeschooling par ... u pay taxes doesn't mean you get to be on a high school sports team"(par.2) Leaving out places like Illinois, where parents of homeschoolers taxes are not directly funding local school sports, makes M ...

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