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Circuit Report

tor: An inductor is a passive electrical device employed in electrical circuits for its property of inductance. It stores energy in magnetic form.Capacitor: A capacitor is a device that stores energy ... he internal resistance, r at the inductor is 5 . When the frequency is higher, r is negligible. The inductance, L is 146H.ResonanceA circuit is said to be in resonance when its impedance is equal to i ...

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hich is easily measured, and may be used to be represented as a separate element in series with the inductance. With regard to AC inductors do impede the flow of AC current.Procedure 1 (Inductor in Ci ... -peak amplitude of 10 volts.3. Observe and record the voltages across Vag and Vbg, with the inductance set to 1H. Use the oscilloscope as well as with the DMM voltmeter over the same points.a. ...

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tok vocabulary

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