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Minimally Invasive Robotic Laser Surgery in 2028

d work to get in every hospital in the future. This proposal will change surgery because of its non-invasiveness, dexterity and natures in improvement. What we have proposed is perfectly feasible, and ...

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Organic lab 3

-2-butanol (pinacolyl alcohol) will be dehydrated via catalytic sulfuric acid. Due to rearrangement of the carbocation, this acid catalyzed reaction leads to productions of three different butene prod ... products are 3,3 dimethyl 1-Butene, 2,3 dimethyl 1-butene, and 2,3 dimethyl 2-butene. For the case of this lab 2,3 dimethyl 2-butene will be the major product as it is the most stable, versus 3,3 dim ...

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