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King James I

lds, Hertfordshire, England, Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her only child, a boy whom she named James. James' father was Henry Stewart, also known as Lord Darnley. Darnley was killed in an unexpla ... ewart, also known as Lord Darnley. Darnley was killed in an unexplained explosion at his house when James was eight months old. Only seven months later, Mary Queen of Scots had to give up her throne b ...

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Absolutism. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were an era in which absolutism dominated the political systems of Europe.

ch controls all aspects of government with no checks or balances, had been introduced in England by James I and Charles I, but never quite took hold. In France, on the other hand, Louis XIV took absol ... entury, two monarchs came to power that attempted to develop royal absolutism in that country. Both James I (James VI of Scotland) and Charles I tried to rule without consenting Parliament, but Parlia ...

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The The Pendle Witches

With the ascension of James VI of Scotland to the English throne as King James I, came a new wave of persecution against t ... they were more often or not indifferent to them, believing them to be neither good or bad. However, James was a great believer in witchcraft, believing all those who practised it were evil, and he vow ... p of the forest constable Henry Hargreaves in order to investigate the claims, and with the help of James Device, he unearthed some human teeth, and a clay image at the Demdikes home. He also heard th ...

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Essay Charles 1st and Charles 2nd

unfermline, Scotland on November 19th, 1600. He died on January 30th, 1649(aged 49). His father was James VI of Scotland and I of England and his mother was Anne of Denmark. The titles he acquired fro ... ne.The economic problems that Charles I had to deal with were because the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I had generated a large fiscal deficit for the kingdom. Throughout his reign Charles was oblig ...

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