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18th Literature

recovery of the throne to the years until the expulsion of James II in 1688 or until the death of John Dryden in 1700. The literature of the Restoration was characterized by wit and elegance influe ... what took place through the eyes of a witness. This literary time period also included works from John Dryden, who used elegance and cleverness in his writings. This period ended about 1700, and en ...

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An Essay of Dramatic Poesy

John Dryden, a great English poet, dramatist, translator and critic. He was born on August 19, 1631, ... tanzas as well as a major critical study (An Essay on Dramatic Poesy) and a number of translations. John Dryden died in London on May 12, 1700.Such a great critical work was the reason behind Dryden's ... th to steal upon him, at the sight of Blows, the sound of Trumpets, and the cries of fighting Men."(John Dryden. page72)Dryden also address the Reader to defend the English writers from the unjustly p ...

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Satire and Wit in John Dryden's "Absalom and Achitophel" and Jonathan Swift's "A Description of a City Shower"

es from one poem from each writer, discuss how and why each uses satire and wit as a cutting sword."John Dryden and Jonathan Swift became remarkable satirists through their ability to cleverly entwine ...

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The Purpose of Criticism

judge if a work is any good or not. For instance, we might use a formalist approach to argue that a John Donne poem is of high quality because it contains numerous intricate conceits that are well sus ... erstand his works.Advantages:This approach works well for some works--like those of Alexander Pope, John Dryden, and Milton--which are obviously political in nature. One must know Milton was blind, fo ...

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