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Ibn battuta was a traveler from North Africa, who traveled more than anybody of his time, even Marco Polo.

In 1325, Ibn Battuta, a 21-year-old jurist, left his home in Tangier on aHajj, to Mecca as all good Muslims should do (p1). It was 29 ye ...

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An Overview Of the Crusades as History repeats itself.

of warfare, however a justification for the violations of Mohammed's principles was needed. Muslim jurist formed the concept of the jihad, or "holy war against unbelievers. Jihad is the duty of all M ...

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Document Based Question on Enlightenment

l systems in the branches of justice, modern education, and reference. In the year 1764 the Italian jurist Cesare Beccaria wrote a book called On Crime and Punishments. He questioned the idea of the d ...

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Discuss and Evaluate the Arguments For and Against the Use of the Death Penalty.

e 1750's and was championed by intellectual people such as the French philosopher Voltaire, Italian jurist Casare Baccaria and the English law reformer Bertham. They criticized the death penalty as it ...

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Convicts to Australia

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