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The Sogo Shosha

d and refined to serve their national and corporate needs' (Young, 1979, p.19).The link between the Keiretsu and their associate ShoshaMost Japanese firms are linked through long-standing networks of ... through long-standing networks of reciprocal ties. The networks that are the most formal are called keiretsu. The sogo shosha then becomes the eyes and ears for the keiretsu, identifying new products ...

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Essay plan for life time employment

company that has been established for 40 years. It is a member of both a horizontal and a vertical keiretsu .The company is considering getting rid of its lifetime employment and seniority pay system ... our shortages3)Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of being a corporate member of a horizontal keiretsuIndicative ContentDescribe/Define horizontal keiretsuAdvantagesReduces transactions costsRed ...

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An explanation of Main Bank relationship in Japan

define what a Japanese "main bank" is. The "main bank" is defined as the "financial group" ("kinyu keiretsu" in japanese) in the paper. "Financial group" is defined in principle by the amount of fina ...

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Japan's Economy

sive work relationship of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in closely-knit groups called "keiretsu" (CIA). The guarantee of lifetime employment is another basic aspect of the Japanese labor ...

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Japanese capital structure and

a more pronounced effect (due to relationships) in companies which are in corporate groups known as keiretsu. These conditions were characteristic of the past.As the benefits of debt are well known in ... mal debt level for a Japanese firm? Should firms still be taking advantage of the benefits of their keiretsu relationship that have allowed them to take on such levels of debt? Our analysis focuses on ...

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Changing Japanese Business Practices (Corporate Restructuring in Japan)

n of the economy and desires of the new Japanese worker. As a result, in the 1990s, the aura of the keiretsu ceased to exist in Japan, and it was evident that there were inherent flaws in the system. ... an, and it was evident that there were inherent flaws in the system. Also described are the current keiretsu relationships in Japan and how they have drifted away from the keiretsu governance modes to ...

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Asahi Glass

elazione che si viene così a creare tra la banca e l'azienda determina il cosiddetto modello KEIRETSU, tipico in Giappone, dove imprese operanti anche in settori diversi sono tra loro sono coll ... a vincoli etici di appartenenza e responsabilità nei confronti del gruppo stesso. Il modello KEIRETSU vede quindi più società unite tra loro nel modo di operare e di perseguire de ...

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