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The need for reason

sit on that mess? What about the pervasive lack of reason across the entire political spectrum? If Ken Starr had been reasonable, he would've closed up shop when he couldn't nail Clinton on Whitewate ...

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California's Supreme Court Weighs in on Proposition 8

election the voters choose to exercise their right to change the constitution. Arguing for Prop 8, Ken Starr stated "it would be a miscarriage of justice for the court to overturn the results… ... able to label their union as a marriage" (Sakuma, 2009, ¶ 5). An example used by Justice Joyce Kennard had to do with the death penalty and how the voters successfully overturned the Supreme Cour ...

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Debates on Religion

Tyra O'NealDr. Millar and Dr. Banner5/10/14Clinton Administration: The Ken Starr InvestigationBy Dianne SmithWashington Post; February 20, 1998Clinton Administration: The ... an, Miss Lewinsky. I've never had an affair with her" ("Impeachment of Bill Clinton"). According to Ken Starr and his plethora of evidence, Clinton is lying about everything and in fact, he did have a ... nly President Clinton, but also Miss. Lewinsky discussing their sexual relations with each other. ("Ken Starr 172"). Also inside of The Starr Report, it includes many photos and even a quote from Miss ...

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