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a critique of two articles, and an essay on why parents abduct

findings appear in the book When Parents Kidnap. Each parent, child, and abductor may deal with the kidnapping differently. For some it is very frightful and requires years of psychological evaluation ...

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Parental Kidnapping

hild is missing or abducted in this country every 40 seconds. (US Dept. of Justice)I chose parental kidnapping as a topic because it widely affecting the world but is always overlooked. And myself bei ... rning the child to the rightful custodian."It also can be found in the social work dictionary under kidnapping, which is:"The crime of taking persons by force or manipulation and holding them against ...

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Ransom Of Red Chief

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Should hostage takers be punished? What leniency should be shown to kidnappers?

punished.Hostage takers should be punished because it is a crime. Hostage taking is very similar to kidnapping. In addition, kidnappers are punished for their crime with little leniency. Therefore, ho ... hould be persecuted because not doing so would encourage people to take hostages. In the event that kidnappings would remain unpunished, it would send a signal to all potential kidnappers that these c ...

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Social Work in Practice

ng a part of it.Problems may occur if the family life becomes different from what it was before the kidnapping. Boy 2 may want the feeling of his ?normal? life so he can forget what he has been throug ...

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Surviving a kidnapping

Daniela Vargas04/09/2014Surviving a kidnappingIt was around seven o' clock in the afternoon. I kept on trying to open my eyes but there ... went by and I did not make a single move, so I started trying to remember what happened before the "kidnapping".I tried; as much as I could but I did not achieve anything, I only remembered I got a ph ... zingly happy. I could not believe this was finally over!That is how I survived my journey through a kidnapping and finally achieved to go to my family again

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