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Discuss what you consider to be the importance of social environment and innate faculties in acquisition of language? - Discusses theories behind how and why a child learns language.

The acquisition of language has been a fascination for over 2000 years because of the belief that Ontogenesis (the stud ... hologists had formulated many different theories as to how children use information possessed about language, either through exposure and experience or innately, to become proficient speakers of one o ... kers of one or more language.Some theories suggest that the factors which most affect and encourage language development are social. The way in which parents or caregivers talk to their children, Chil ...

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Explain the key theories in the field of child language acquisition.

To someone unfamiliar with the concept of child language acquisition, it would be easy to assume that the basis of learning speech is merely by the ... the duplication of vocabulary and sentence structure heard around the young child. One of the early language development studies, carried out by Skinner, concluded that the crux of linguistic developm ... as along such lines - in that children learn grammar by memorizing the words and sentences of their language. It is undeniable that a large proportion of language acquisition is attributed to such dup ...

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Generative Transformational Grammar

The main premises of the theory:1- Generative Transformational Grammar views language as "abstract system of rules by which a person is able to understand and produce any and al ... by which a person is able to understand and produce any and all of the well formed sentences of the language".2- Chomsky proposed that all people have an innate ability to acquire language, which he c ... te ability to acquire language, which he called "Language Acquisition Device (LAD)". People acquire language rapidly because they are biologically equipped to do so and possess an innate mechanism whi ...

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The influence of Noam Chomsky in child language acquisition

The influence of Noam Chomsky in child language acquisitionNoam Chomsky dominated the world of linguistics like a colossus for decades afte ... after the late fifties. My main aim of this essay is to discuss his influence in the area of child language acquisition and inspect to see if his influence is waxing or waning. After that I will exam ... nstitute of Technology and also is the creator of the Chomsky hierarchy, a classification of formal languages." Apart from his linguistic work, Chomsky is also famous for his political views.Although, ...

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Critically assess the view put forward by linguist Noam Chomsky that children are "predisposed", to learn language with ease because their brains contain "language acquisition devices".

The ability to use language as a mean to interpret the world; to express ourselves; and to communicate with other membe ... others will remain rather unaffected. What this phenomenon is telling us? Is the ability to learn a language innate as suggested by Chomsky? Or people are learning language through observation as sugg ... language through observation as suggested by Albert Bandura? And could Skinner’s view towards language development and learning explain it? Which one of them gives us a better explanation of why ...

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Language Development

Language development in young childrenLanguage developmentOur lives are filled with language. The fi ... level of language is called the linguistic level, this is when children first "develop knowledge of language" (Otto, 2010). The metalinguistic level is the second level of language knowledge, where ch ... orm a message. When a child arrives at metalinguistic verbalization, they have knowledge of complex language" (Otto, 2010).As children learn oral language, they will start to learn phonetic knowledge ...

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Early Childhood Language Acquistiion in Deaf Children

LANGUAGE ACQUISTIION AND DEAFNESSAssignment 1INTRODUCTIONThe first 0 - 4 years are the most importan ... to crawl, sit, stand, walk or talk without being shown or forced to do so. However, with regard to language acquisition, according to the 'Behaviourist' Perception (B.F. Skinner) children learn throu ... ioning' that is through imitation" Singleton, D (1989:122) and habit development forms the basis of language acquisition.On the other hand the 'Nativist' approach (N. Chomsky) contradicts this line of ...

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Question: Explain the Significance of the Acquisition and Development of Language to the Learning Process. “The Spoken Word Is the Most Important form of Communication Between Humans” -Discuss.

Question:Explain the significance of the acquisition and development of language to the learning process. "The spoken word is the most important form of communication betwe ... ost important form of communication between humans" -discuss.Word count: 2824The majority of us use language everyday, and have done for centuries, to communicate with others. The spoken word is a ski ... n, but it is not the only one. I aim to discuss the significance of the spoken word, the process of language development, factors affecting language development and how such factors may be overcome.La ...

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How do children learn the meaning of words

explore it. This essay will mainly focus on the nature vs nurture approach, looking at the inbuilt Language Acquisition Device (LAD) and the Language Acquisition Support System (LASS). It will also l ... Acquisition Support System (LASS). It will also look at common errors children make as they acquire language and the type of language acquired first.When studying language acquisition it is important ...

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How children acquire language

name is Han and I am going to deliver a speech aimed at you parents about how your children acquire language, also known as language acquisition. Do you know the theories of language acquisition? What ... tion? I will be talking about this later on in the speech but first I will ask the question what is language acquisition. Language acquisition is the process involved in learning to use/understand a l ...

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