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Advantages of Jury Trials in the Canadian justice system.

ages of trials by juries in the Canadian justice system.I wrote this, while in Grade 10, for my OAC Law cource ISP project. It is a good essay, as I spent a lot of my time researching and planning for ... s effective in reaching the truth that trial by judges, because judges are trained professionals of law; however, in light of the procedures involved in a trial by jury, this alleged setback becomes v ...

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'In what ways have the Courts' attitudes towards contact in domestic violence cases changed in recent years?'

has given rise to debates, as some believe it belittles the violence to only being 'domestic.' The Law Commission has pointed out that 'domestic violence' can take many forms:"...physical abuse to in ... it appears that neither the research on the effect of domestic violence on children, nor statutory law is being followed by the professionals in assessing what contact should be established. Kaye rec ...

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Discuss the Inchoate Offence of Attempt

t and Conspiracy. During this essay we shall discuss crimes of attempt which were subject to common law before the Criminal Attempts Act 1981(CAA), Ch. 47. This was a result, in part, of the Law Commi ... a result, in part, of the Law Commission's Report 102 . The report also recommended changes to the law on "Impossibility". It made particular reference to Haughton & Smith and Nock . S1 (4) of th ...

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Criminal Intention

use of Lords in Woollin [1999] AC 82, in understanding the concept of intention in English criminal law.In order to assess critically the importance of the decision of the HL in Woollin, I will explor ... ritically the importance of the decision of the HL in Woollin, I will explore the contemporary case law. This will allow me to discuss the concept of intention in English law and then to make my own o ...

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What critisms would you make of the current law on non-fatal offences against the person?

ith much of the vocabulary old-fashioned and even misleading. This shows that there is a gap in the law. Law Commission has also seen this as a problem within the law and has produced a draft of a Cri ... rson survives and stopping the defendant being charged with murder.There are also problems with the law of non-fatal offences against the person within domestic violence. This can be a problem because ...

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Law of Evidence

d Justice Auld in the Criminal Court Review, the Government in "The Way Ahead" policy paper and the Law Commission in their report Evidence of Bad Character in Criminal Proceedings have all outlined s ... has given evidence against a co-defendant in the proceedings.It has long been acknowledged that the law in this area is highly unsatisfactory in its complexity and uncertainty. The Criminal Law Revisi ...

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has the system of land registration achieved its aims

d for individual title deeds. Subsequently, the Land Registration Act 2002 ('LRA 2002') set out the law of land registration, representing an attempt to improve and modernize the relevant legislation. ... ortantly, it is often the case that such overriding interests arise in disorganised ways and as the Law Commission states: owing to the nature of rights of this kind, it is 'neither reasonable to expe ...

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carry out his intentions. A corporation has none of these."In order to get around this problem the law has developed various techniques for attributing liability to corporateentities. The first techn ... heir employment. However, as a general rule, vicarious liability does not form part of the criminal law in the UK.The second technique is known as the "identification theory" and constitutes the prima ...

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