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adingREADING1.0. WORD ANALYSIS, FLUENCY, AND SYSTEMATIC VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT: Students know about letters, words, and sounds. They apply this knowledge in reading simple sentences.Concepts About Pri ... ide information.1.4 Recognize that sentences in print are made up of separate words.1.5 Distinguish letters from words.1.6 Recognize and name all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.Phonem ...

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Flow 12

ered is even, otherwise print its cube.Write a program to check if the character entered is in uppercase or lowercase.Write a program to print the largest of three numbers.Write a C++ program to accep ... ogram to accept a 4 digit number and display if it is a leap year.Write a program to convert a lowercase character to uppercase and vice versa.Write a program to accept the 2 sides of a rectangle and ...

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