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The origin of logarithms.

d. These are not just mathematical functions; their magnitude could be appraised as phenomenal. The logarithm, being one of the most perplexing of these phenomenons taken for granted, was discovered b ... th century. Napier felt the need to explain his brilliant discovery in the form of a book: Mirifici logarithmorum canonis description. Logarithms were originally required for astronomical purposes bec ...

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Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Alvaro Hurtado

with exactly one element in the range. Two types of functions are the exponential functions and the logarithmic functions. Exponential functions are the functions in the form of y = ax, where ''a'' is ... the form of y = ax, where ''a'' is a positive real number, greater than zero and not equal to one. Logarithmic functions are the inverse of exponential functions, y = loga x, where ''a'' is greater t ...

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