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Development of text: Discuss the concepts of nature and verisimilitude in the Renaissance period and contrast it to Aristotle and Horace.

s taken up and studied upon by intellectuals such as Castelvetro, Scaliger, and Bocacchio in Italy, Lope de Vega in Spain, Ben Johnson in England and Boileau in France. They all were familiar with the ...

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Lope De Vega’s Plays Present The Democratisation Of Honour

5069 words Lope de Vega's plays present the democratisation of honour without an undermining of the rigid hiera ... vantes and Quevado. Not least amongst these names would be those of the dramatists Tirso de Molina, Lope de Vega and Calderón de la Barca, three writers linked inextricably with the Spani ... alization of political and administrative power in the Crown, and indeed it was this that "provided Lope and his contemporaries with many plays on the need for loyalty, justice and harmony within the ...

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Tirso de Molina

Pedro Téllez de Girón. Fue le un dramaturgo español, el seguidor principal de Lope de Vega.Tirso de Molina estudio en la universidad de Alcalá en Henares. Se inscribi&oacu ... e la Orden de la Merced en 1637. También fue un teólogo muy reconocido. Inspirado por Lope de Vega a quien conoció al vivir por un tiempo en Toledo, Gabriel Tellez comenzó ...

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