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On Madam Rolands letter to a friend 18/7/1891

This is a private letter written by Madame Roland to a close friend the day after the massacre at the Champs de Mars. The date would sug ... within the text that it is an eye-witness account. We do know from the contextual information that Madame Roland was a supporter of a constitutional monarchy and would therefore be unlikely to go to ... e petition. The evidence of the petition itself shows that it demanded the removal of the King, yet Madame Roland tells her confidant it was 'demanding the nominees of deputies for the next legislatur ...

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A study of the massacre of the champs de mars. The French Revolution

A study of the massacre of the Champs de Mars.The source is a letter from Madame Roland to a confident regarding the events that took place at the Champs de Mars on the 17th ... as intended to be read only by the sender and recipient and if this is the case it is unlikely that Madame Roland would write anything but an accurate portrayal of the events that took place. Also, th ... pened was recorded as it occurred, leaving no room for error when giving her account of the events. Madame Roland was present at the event so this is preferable as a reliable source as she experienced ...

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Analyse Madame Roland's letter regarding 'The Massacre at The Champ de Mars' during the French Revolution. State what further information you would need.

The source provided is a discursive source intended for private use. Madame Roland writes it in letter format to a confidant. The source discusses her opinions and accou ... le of the 'officers' would also require defining - who employed them and what powers did they have? Madame Roland refers to it being 'swelled by large numbers'; I would want some accurate figures as t ... r opinion as she says 'tyranny sits on a blood stained throne'. Previous to this event we know that Madame Roland was a supporter of the constitutional monarchy so her opinions are turning. We know th ...

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