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Language in Application to God

Maimonides and Aquinas, two incredible spiritual academics from many centuries ago, differ greatly i ... from many centuries ago, differ greatly in the names and language which mankind can pertain to God. Maimonides, a Jewish philosopher, took the stance that God can only be expressed by the things or at ... ht of as an abstraction. Therefore, neither positive nor negative attributes can be credited to God.Maimonides introduces the reader to the dilemma he has with applying language to God in book I of hi ...

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A bad recommendation by Maimonides in the Guide for the Perplexed

lished name in Metaphysics to a young aspirant of Metaphysics. This is established by the fact that Maimonides does not necessarily say that metaphysical truths are unknowable or dangerous, but only t ... y for the same. He is like a weak child who cannot digest the food despite its benefits. What makes Maimonides a neo Platonist is that he enunciates Plato's the reason for the scheme of education of a ...

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This is a paper on Moses Maimonides and his contributions to not only Philosophy but medicine as well.

Moses Maimonides was born in Cordoba Spain on March 30 1135 (Britannica 2006). Spain at this time was bein ... and practice regularly in Cordoba. This was not how all of the Mohammedans were. This allowed Moses Maimonides to be born into a practicing Jewish family in Spain. He was born son of Maimon, hence his ... o be born into a practicing Jewish family in Spain. He was born son of Maimon, hence his Greek name Maimonides. Not much is known or was recorded about his early life in Spain. We can safely assume th ...

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Moses Mendelssohn

is education from his father, the local rabbi, David Frankel. Mendelssohn studied the philosophy of Maimonides. He had written the " Principally Leibnia ",as an attack on the national neglect of nativ ...

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Divine And Human Law

uman Law as shall be shown latter.Aquinas was influenced by the arguments of the Jewish Philosopher Maimonides. That influence can be seen in Aquinas' concept of providence as it pertains to rational ... idence as it pertains to rational and irrational beings. It can also be seen in his concept of law. Maimonides taught of the two-fold purpose of Divine Law as given to us in sacred scripture. The nobl ...

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The search for god in eight ch

The Search for God in Eight Chapters In Eight Chapters by Maimonides, there seems to be a lot of confusion when dealing with the existence of God and man's pe ... seems to be a lot of confusion when dealing with the existence of God and man's perception of him. Maimonides was trying to provide a strong basis for the belief that God was above man, but instead h ... he only succeeds in stating obvious facts that fail to show a complete understanding of the subject.Maimonides does admit to the fact that metaphysics has yet to correctly identify exactly what God is ...

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Does the Via Negative solve the problem of religious language?

ay be due to the arguments of Aquinas and Hick, compared with the arguments of Pseudo-Dionysius and Maimonides.Supporting this view is the idea of the Via Negativa allowing God to remain Transcendent. ... ully) this view and discredits the usefulness of the Via Negativa in relation to religious language.Maimonides presents the view that the Via Negativa does indeed solve the problem. He uses an example ...

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