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The creation of Tic-Tac-Toe game using the C/C++ language, includes full code of the actual program

so all the %c have been given a particular grid reference once a %c has been given a character it remains there till the programme finishes. The character can not be changed once a character has been ... function recall (int check_WinX and int check_WinO), and made that equal to a local variable in the main program WIN. When the check wins were used, if player X had won a local variable inside the che ...

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Displaying a cue and square of a number through functions in C++

Assigning header files that will be used in this program.#include#include#include//Program beganint main(){//variable decleration sectionintnw_pcqty,mem_cardqty,dsk_driveqty,softqty;double total,nw_pc ...

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Stacks in C++ (this stack is using linked structure)

h function adds +1 to the line_break_info variable to keep trackhow many line breaks it is using*///main screen mesagevoid greetings(int &line_break_info);//Top header is the heading at very top o ... namically created//stacks.void delete_stack(int &line_break_info);//*************************// main function starting *//*************************int main(){//local identifiersint line_break_info ...

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A Collage Test

ht want to show your work, which can help you receive partial credit.#include int mystery(int); int main() { int result = mystery(6); cout << "Result of call to mystery = " << result <& ... urn 1; else return 3 * mystery(3 + w); } 7. #include void a( int ); void b( void ); int x = 10; int main() { int x = 20; cout << x << endl; a(x); cout << x << endl; b(); cout & ...

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