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Speaker of the House or Assembly

gislation, writs and warrants and (7) act as the official spokesman for the House or Assembly.House Majority Leader is Richard K. Armey (R-TX).Majority Leader. The primary functions of a majority lead ... TX).Majority Leader. The primary functions of a majority leader usually relate to floor duties. The majority leader (1) is the lead speaker for the majority party during floor debates, (2) develops th ...

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The government style of Japan after WWII. It was changed and reformed by America with American ideas.

A British style parliament state was established in which the cabinet became a committee of the majority party or coalition in the Diet. This broke with the Meiji Constitution, which had permitted ...

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Andrew Johnson

d away from implementing voting rights for blacks. From the beginning, Johnson was at odds with the majority party in Congress, the Radical Republicans, who favored "radical" reconstruction of the def ...

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"The Prime Minister's power and his current policy" (2003)

h public prestige. He represents the nation and has much authority for example as the leader of the majority party, chairman of Cabinet and as an arbiter when colleagues disagree. There is considerabl ...

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Government of France

of the National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament; also the Prime Minister is always from the majority party in that house.Parliament comprises the National Assembly and the Senate. It passes st ... runoff voting system, this means that the presidential candidate is required to obtain a nationwide majority of non-blank votes at either the first or second round of balloting, which presumably impli ...

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Government in India

of States, with not more than 250 indirectly elected members. The Prime Minister is elected by the majority party or coalition in Parliament and then formally appointed by the president. The appointe ... the Hindu religious parties.Current Politics in India In India, the Congress party, no longer in a majority, was expected to make a bid for power after withdrawing its support for the minority govern ...

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pport to get it out of committee. The bill may contain legislation which will be detrimental to the majority party during an election year, and there is reluctance to kill it, but a feeling that the t ...

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