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Who Really Was Responsible For Pearl HArbor's Devistation?

issued recommendations, those in command should have realized the danger of placing so many crucial marine craft, airplanes, and soldiers in one, relatively small area. The officers there should have ... er high-ranking officials in Washington "...expected all war scouting measures to be undertaken, submarines to be sent out to protect our fleet and territory... carriers with their protective vessels ...

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Naval Engineering

A Naval Engineer designs and oversees the construction and repair of marine craft such as ships, barges, tugs, and dredges; underwater craft such as submarines and torpe ... rson in this career may do one of the many following tasks;        Work with other marine engineers to establish the arrangement of boiler room equipment, propulsion machinery, heatin ...   Performing complex calculations to determine the functional, spatial and power requirements of marine machineryA bachelor's degree in an appropriate engineering disciple is almost always requ ...

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